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a message from our president

welcome to STA

Greetings and welcome to the Security Trainers Association Inc. (STA), the premier organization dedicated to fostering excellence in the security training industry. Established in Victoria in 2004, the STA has been at the forefront of facilitating meaningful collaboration among Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) to set a high-caliber agenda for training and assessment.


Our History: A Commitment to Excellence and Resilience

Initially, the STA was deeply committed to working with regulators, industry stakeholders, unions, and skill bodies to cultivate a robust Professional Security Industry. Despite early successes, the association faced challenges, including the unfortunate passing of our President, which led to a temporary hiatus.

However, the STA was resilient. Reformed in 2008, the association has been continuously active for over six years. I have had the privilege of being actively involved since its relaunch and remain committed to ensuring the association’s long-term success.

Our Achievements: Setting Industry Benchmarks

We have successfully developed comprehensive training resources in the fields of security and investigations. These resources have not only met but often exceeded industry standards, thereby contributing to the betterment of the security training landscape.

Collaborative Partnerships: A Synergistic Approach

The STA maintains a constructive relationship with industry regulators and is actively engaged in initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality standards expected from a Professional Security Industry.

Why Become a Member: Unlock a Spectrum of Benefits

Membership in the STA offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Access to exclusive, high-quality training resources
  • Networking opportunities with key industry stakeholders
  • Tools and platforms designed to advance your professional development
  • A voice in shaping the future of the Professional Security Industry

We invite you to join us in our mission to elevate the standards of security training and to contribute to the creation of a safer, more secure future.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Security Trainers Association Inc.


What We Offer



We run regular events throughout the year that provide opportunities to learn, network and keep up to date.



We offer a range of resources for purchase to ensure your training is on-point and using the latest information



Feel free to view and download our extensive range of free publications from the dropdown list above.



Our members are eligible for a range of workshops and courses. RTOs are able to teach directly through our online portal

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