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A warm welcome to the Security Trainers Association Inc. The Security Trainers Association (incorporated in VIC) was developed in 2004 to actively get collaboration between RTO’s and set an agenda in and around training and assessment for the betterment of the security training industry.

The STA was committed with its regulators, industry, unions, industry skill bodies, and others to support a much needed Professional Security Industry. There was some success but unfortunately not enough to keep it going. The President passed away and so did the STA. RTO’s moved away from the STA and that is where it was left.

The STA was reformed in 2008 and it is in its sixth year, apart from 12 months I have been actively involved from the re-launch and been committed to the longevity of the association to date. We developed training resources for security and investigations and have had success in developing those resources.

The STA has a positive relationship with its industry regulators and are working with them to improve the standard that the community expects from a Professional Security Industry.

Jump on board and become a member to reap the benefits that the STA have to offer.



We run regular events throughout the year that provide opportunities to learn, network and keep up to date.


We offer a range of resources for purchase to ensure your training is on-point and using the latest information.


Feel free to view and download a range of free publications from the dropdown list above


Our members are eligible for a range of workshops and courses.

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